The real formula for marketing success

We read books that purport to uncover the techiques that will propel us to greatness. Some say how to get more followers on social media. Others say to quit social media entirely. Some advocate sending emails to influencers. Others say you should speak to an existing audience instead of trying to create your own.

But really, all of the so-called gurus want the same thing you do. They want success. They want a following. They want admiration. They want business.

There's nothing wrong with following the advice of marketing gurus. But in my experience, success in the marketplace comes down to one factor: Whether or not you add value to someone else's life.

Every single time I've found success in my career, it had little or nothing to do with my Twitter feed, drip marketing campaigns, or my email subscribers. These are all amazing tools when used properly. But at the end of the day, publishing clickbait articles with little substance or value is a waste of your time and the time of your fellow Internet citizens.

I think that instead of spending our time hacking human attention, we ought to be asking ourselves what we can do to truly help and engage others. It's the more difficult path, for sure. But I think it's the only one which ultimately results in lasting, fruitful business relationships.