I am in love with this town!

  • There is no sales tax.
  • Coffee shops have free wi-fi. Period. Oh, and my favorite americano and bagel combination costs less than at Juna’s in Ithaca as a result of the lack of sales tax. Oh, and the coffee here is good. Really, really good. Better than Gimme. Sorry, Gimme.
  • I pay $45 more per month for a house that is 1000% more livable than my previous apartment.
  • Pabst Blue Ribbon isn’t an option. It’s a staple.
  • I was at a crosswalk, and the cars stopped for me. They have to. By law.
  • There’s a multi-acre park on a main boulevard. The trees in the park are taller than the shops.
  • I have never seen greener grass in my life.