Notting Hill Gate.

I’m sitting outside an Apostrophe cafe at Notting Hill Gate. Before I hopped the Tube, I met up with a couple of Singaporean graphic designers at St. Christopher’s:

They are attending an exhibition at Lower Thames this week. We spoke about our business in Europe and our aspirations for the future. I may meet up with them again if I stay at St. Christoper’s when I return to London.

I am noticing my dialect and accent going the way of the Englishmen, even only after a few days. I cannot believe it myself. Perhaps I was meant to be here.

I happened to take some photographs around Notting Hill:

It’s about 3 in the afternoon and I’ll need to be getting back to Borough shortly to pick up my luggage and board the Tube to Liverpool Street to catch the train to Stansted. There I will be flying into Glasgow where I have a hostel accommodation. I look forward to seeing Glasgow as it may be my home for the duration of my Ph.D program. I have a feeling it will be a late night and an early morning. Until then, cheers.