The Tree Princess, circa 1994

Once upon a time…

Chapter 1: Yikes!

It all happened in a quaint, little town in Nebraska. Prince Patrick went in the forest looking for butterflies when he saw a huge castle. It was over 3,000 feet high! Prince Patrick went in. He looked for a princess. Then he heard a big noise. It sounded like a ghost. It was coming closer! “Ohhhh ohhhh!” it screamed. Soon he saw it. “Yikes!” he cried. He ran for his life. Then as he was about to ecscape, the door slammed shut and trapped him inside the castle. There was a opening on the ceiling. Prince Pactrick threw his rope up. It got caught! He climbed the rope and jumped out. Now he was safe. Then he jumped off the castle.

Chapter 2: The Storm In The Forest

When he landed, he went into the forest. Then he saw a old beggar. “Have you heard about the princess?” the beggar asked. “What princess, where?” the prince wondered. The prince walked away. “Wait!” the beggar pleaded. “There is a tree that is really a princess!” Just one second later a storm began. Lightning flashed in all directions. The prince took the beggar’s hand. “Let’s go!” cried the prince. They soared through the forest trying to escape. Soon they came to the prince’s castle.

Chapter 3: The Prince’s Castle

They went in. The king stepped over to Prince Patrick and scolded him. “You know that you cannot bring beggars in the castle.” he scolded. “Yes, but this beggar knows where I can find a princess.” said the prince. The beggar told the king all about the tree princess. “Do you know which tree it is?” asked the king. “Yes!” answered the beggar. The king, the prince, and the beggar ran out of the castle and into the forest. “Turn left.” said the beggar. Soon they got to it. “Come on Prince Patrick, kiss it.” said the beggar. “O.K.” said the prince. As soon as he kissed the tree, it turned into a beautiful princess. Her name was Princess Sally. “Thank you.” the princess said. The princess kissed the prince and they went to the prince’s castle.

Chapter 4: Getting Married

If you didn’t know, the prince and the princess were getting married. They went to the dressing room and dressed better for the wedding. Then they went to the church near by. “I now proclaim you man and wife. You may kiss the bride.” said the preist. They both kissed and hugged for about 10 minutes! The king cried. The prince finally had a wife. There was another good thing that happend. He was now king!