ruby-wmii SVN log notifier

If you haven’t played with the wmii window manager and Mauricio’s ruby-wmii scripts, you need to join the revolution. Today I created a plugin script which updates with current Subversion revision information for a given repository. Simply add the following to your ~/.wmii-3/wmiirc-config.rb:

# change to the path of your repository
plugin_config["svn-log:svn-log"]["url"] = "http://path/to/repos"
# however many seconds you want between updates
plugin_config["svn-log:svn-log"]["interval"] = 5
# how many characters wide you want the notification area
plugin_config["svn-log:svn-log"]["size"] = 80

from "svn-log" do
  use_bar_applet "svn-log", 400

Next, put svn-log.rb into your ~/.wmii-3/plugins/ directory.

Now, when you re-run your wmiirc, you will have a nifty SVN notifier with the latest revision information!