Like the White Rabbit, with less fat around the edges.

Welcome to the next reincarnation of the White Rabbit, now All of my posts from the old site are still archived on this site, but my focus will change slightly from the topics of yesteryear.

I would also like to start doing more non-blog publishing; specifically, my recent fiction endeavors.  I am considering turning my current fiction project, a short novel entitled Self-Immolation of an American Monk, into a chapter-by-chapter series, published to this site incrementally.

The topic of sustainability has also moved to the forefront of “things worth speaking of.”  I am currently working out a proposal to do some sustainable development work in Kerala, India, with the aid of a Fulbright grant.  I am also doing research on the issue of local food distribution, specifically with regard to use of web technologies to automate the logistics of distribution, ordering, and inventory.  Expect updates on these projects as they progress.

It’s great to be back.