World War III

Our first nuclear winter is only months away as the Bush Administration gears up for phase III of its systematic destruction of the Middle East. News reports yesterday told of a report leaked from the White House detailing the administration’s plan for a small-scale nuclear assault against key targets in Iran. These targets include underground facilities believed to be housing nuclear laboratories.

This comes amid rising tensions over Iran’s nuclear capabilities. No one wants a nuclear Iran. However, no one wants a nuclear United States, nor does anyone want an actively proliferating, nuclear-warfare-bound United States. The hypocrisy is overwhelming.

We live in a nation in which over 65% of its people do not agree with its government’s actions. A nation in which 50% of tax dollars fund the military or military-related expenses. A nation that will most likely pass a bill into congress that will render illegal immigrants felons. This is no land of the free. What happened to the American dream? Equal oppurtunity for all?

We live in a corporate oligarchy. Democracy is a buzzword. I urge each and every one of you to stand up to this nonsense and fight for what you believe in at every avenue of the system’s exploitation. The state cannot hold without the support of the masses. Put your dollar where it counts: Out of the hands of gangsters and tyrants.