Three years later and still in chains.

Today marks the three-year anniversary of the United States’ invasion of Iraq.  It also marks what many are calling the beginning of an Iraqi civil war.  Are we any more free?  Is the world safer?  Here’s what the Bush administration has been up to in the last three years on a few key topics:


  • NSA Wiretapping
  • Guantanamo Bay

War on Terror

  • Igniting anti-Americanism across several cultures around the globe
  • Triggering an Iraqi civil war


  • Driving the gap between our nation’s rich and poor to an unacceptable size with tax cuts for the rich
  • Allowing Iraq to become the breeding ground for anti-Western hatred that it is today, thereby reducing our ability to import its oil
  • Creating the biggest trade defecit our country has ever endured
  • Cutting domestic programs such as Medicare in favor of miltary spending

There are only two options at this point:  communist revolution or nuclear holocaust.  Happy anniversary.