Spring Break: Neither spring nor break.

I just finished up midterms week at school and am prepared to “kick back” and “bask in the sun” during my week off.  That is, if “kicking back” is doing a lot of work and “basking in the sun” is trudging through a foot of snow.

I will never understand the false sense of security colleges like to portray when naming breaks.  If they called spring break “winter misery week” I would have no complaints.  False advertising is one of my biggest pet peeves. 

So what’s on the agenda for the week, you ask?

  • linnadolph.com — This is a local glass artist that I have been working closely with to create an informational page for her artwork, complete with a gallery section for some of her pieces.
  • Purple Dragon Co-op Online Store — This is an online store system I am developing for the Purple Dragon Co-op in Glen Ridge, NJ.  I am writing it in Ruby on Rails.  Mr. Alex Weber (a.k.a. FelixWonderland) is aiding in the site design.
  • Jizualizer — My Advanced Networks class aims to expand the JiST and SWANS network simulation projects to include better support for ad-hoc protocols and add some new features.  One such feature is a simulation visualizer that we have lovingly called Jizualizer.  I’ll be working closely with my professor on this one.

With all of this on my plate, it’s looking to be an exciting, albeit busy, “spring” “break.”  Maybe I’ll even have time to go to Florida or something.  Pssh… right.