Weekends — such a brilliant concept.

Free weekend number three of the new semester was an amazing experience.

Friday afternoon I submitted my final invoice to WICB and completed the site to specification.  I am so relieved that that project won’t be occupying my time any longer.  This started a high that lasted through the weekend.

Saturday could have been the single coldest day thusfar this winter.  Coincidentally, the annual Ithaca Chili Cook-Off was this Saturday as well.  After volunteering at 10,000 Villages I made my way around the Commons once, took a look around, realized my face was frozen, and proceeded to have my own chili cook-off with a nice bowl of freeze-dried chili at home.  It might not have been made with delicious fresh ingredients, but I sure did enjoy it more than anyone at the actual cook-off could have.

Saturday afternoon was spent singing and playing guitar with the robots.  I believe our all-time greatest hits that afternoon were “Put It In Your Bum” and “We’re the Robots.”

Saturday night was a blast.  We had what turned out to be a really enjoyable party at our house.  It epitomized everything I love about Robot House in one glorious, climactic night.  Hookahs littered the living room; acquaintances of past, present and future came and went.  I love parties that have a distinguished dynamic to them.  There was a diverse crowd of people, making way for some very interesting exchange.

Back to the grind…