There’s a little-known secret floating around intelligence agencies that has been brought to the foreground in tech media. In yet another effort to combat terrorism, the United States government has been actively pursuing a computer system that will mine data from various blogs, e-mail, and other online personal media outlets using Alexa’s WebSearch platform and sophisticated AI techniques to synthesize the data.

Alright, so what if terrorists were using the web for coordinating attacks. If you were a terrorist, would you blog about your latest jihads? I know I would love to have a handy RSS feed outlining all of my terrorist plots so my fellow blogoterrorists could aggregate them on their terrorblogs. The bottom line is, Islamic militants aren’t ignorant. The blogosphere is comprised of a bunch of Internet fanboys (and girls) who want nothing more than to share their seemingly important opinions and accounts with the world (myself included). As bloggers, our privacy will be undermined and any so-called “terrorist activity” will amount to extremist Western liberals who do not understand Internet tact.

…I think the NSA is at the door.