Intellectual Property — A follow-up

So I may have been generalizing when I said that coursework from any institution is property of the institution itself. It seems that the IP policy of colleges and universities varies depending on the nature of the works and the capital gain acquired. According to Ithaca College’s Intellectual Property Policy, this is the case, but only under certain circumstances:

Where a copyrightable work is designed and produced as a class project, or is substantially designed by a student or students under a professor’s supervision, the College may elect either to take copyright or to require a share of net royalties from the professor’s copyright. The patent royalty table should be used as a guide. (It is recognized that many creative disciplines at Ithaca are taught through apprenticeship. This section is not to be construed to deny the member’s copyright where a film, video, musical recording, painting, etc. is essentially the personal intellectual product of the professor, produced with student assistance for the students’ educational benefit.)

I’m just not going to think anymore.  I’m taking it to the man.