Back to school…

It’s that time again–time to start another semester at Ithaca.  Here’s my course lineup for the Spring:

  • CS210 - Intro to Computer Org & System
  • CS225 - User Interface Design & Development
  • CS321 - Programming Languages
  • CS490 - Advanced Networks Seminar

2005 was the year of the academics; 2006 will be the year of the nerd.  Although this semester is looking to be one spent in the lab, it is only four courses and might be significantly less work than I’m expecting.  Then again, I’ve said that before…

What I’m really looking forward to is working with Ali to inch my way into the Cornell labs to make connections for graduate school.  He is considering using JIST, a network simulation API for Java, to teach the Advanced Networks seminar.  Since JIST is being developed at Cornell, he suggested that some of his students might work with Cornell professors on documentation and implementation of the system.  Connections, anyone?

I’m really looking forward to seeing more of my friends that went abroad this past semester.  It will be refreshing to have some different yet familiar faces roaming campus.  This semester is also my last one on campus, so I am hoping to make it a good one.