It’s the end of the world as we know it: A follow-up.

On New Year’s Eve I presented a few prophecies for the apocalypse occuring or beginning within 2006. Obviously, although we all love Drosdin’s The Bible Code, it is a completely unreasonable theory — equidistant letter sequences occur everywhere if you look hard enough. The other theories were also crackpot enough to dismiss — I don’t believe in angels — or at least ones that bring about the apocalypse. That said, let’s examine one real-world end times theory: The horrors of Peak Oil.

Peak what? So you’ve been living in apathy the last few years, eh? So has most everyone else. Peak oil is the theory that purports that global oil production operates along a bell curve; that is, that oil production will ‘peak’ and then steadily decline at some unforeseen rate. For more general information on peak oil, please see this very informative Wikipedia article.

So I’ll stop driving. Yeah you will. And you’ll cease being warm. And you’ll have to stop reading this blog. You’ll probably also need to stockpile weapons if you would like to maintain some sense of security because a lot of people will want to drive, be warm, and read my blog (at least I hope). They’ll most likely want to take what you have stockpiled. This site offers a frightening depiction of what may come.

Okay, so what can I do? Well, spread love? It’ll be about the only commodity we have left after our economy is in turmoil. I would suggest stockpiling your preferred intoxicant. I would also suggest some inspirational music, but you sure won’t have any means of playing it.