teejayvanslyke.com is a reality.

I have reformatted the entirety of my web site (and it is a work-in-progress).  The White Rabbit now operates on Wordpress 2.0.  The site is structured as such:

  • www.teejayvanslyke.com - this is my company page.  it holds my web development and design services information and the like.
  • blog.teejayvanslyke.com - you’re lookin’ at it.
  • webpire.teejayvanslyke.com - this is my ‘portal’ page of sorts.  it has links to all of my various web projects, original music, web sites, and the like.
  • development.teejayvanslyke.com - this domain will run an instiki for my development work.  it will also operate the SVN repository for all of my projects.

In the process of moving everything around, there will probably be some problems around the site.  Please feel free to report any of these to me .