And the leaves keep falling.

Autumn has reached its peak and soon it will be too cold to bear outside. Soon, we will all huddle in our houses, hibernating in anticipation of a warm spring day. Until then…

I just started my new job at Ten Thousand Villages downtown. It’s a rewarding experience and pays better than CBORD did. Although it would be nice to have a day off once in awhile.

I’ve been drawing and painting a lot lately — I might put up a gallery section on my main page if I can get my work together. There’s something special about having your own artwork all over your walls… some might say it’s narcissistic, but I think its simply self-expressive.

Next weekend is Halloween, which means Rocky Horror Picture Show and several high-class party affairs. I think this might be one of the last big party weekends I involve myself in. Halloween gives all of us laypeople a chance to dress like the freaks ).

So yeah… that was the most Livejournal-esque entry I’ve ever made. I’m gonna go slit my wrists and listen to Bright Eyes. Oh. And my cats. Play with my cats.

~ teejay