Welcome to the Fourth Reich - Part 2

Your freedom is being undermined. We live in a time when terrorists run rampant, hoping to take away the freedoms you love dearly. They do not come in turbans preaching the Quaran; rather, these terrorists played a fun riddle. They warned you of themselves.

Today, President Bush pondered the possibility of reworking the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, the law that effecitvely banned the use of military (specifically the Army at that time, but other branches were added) in policing our own country. Using the recent bird flu epidemic sweeping Asia combined with his administration’s lackluster performance in quelling the damage from Hurricane Katrina as his two main arguments for what could easily be deemed a request for martial law, he thinks it is an important discussion for Congress to have.

So let me get this straight. You want military personnel with weaponry roaming the streets to save us from… bird flu and hurricanes? Somehow I don’t know how their weapons are going to impact either of these problems. What about this? How about we invest in vaccinations? What about homeless shelters for the unfortunate people that lost their entire lives in New Orleans?

Well actually, Mr. Bush, from a realist, hardlined stance I guess you’re right. If we just kill all of the people with bird flu, we can end it just like terrorism! Fight death with more death, that’s what I would say too. In fact, drop a few nuclear weapons on America. That will solve all of our problems… no more fighting because no one will be here to fight. What do you think of that, terrorists?

Psst… America… it’s time to wake up.