Part 4: Pentium III laptop for $35? Why, I'll take it.

Tonight I compiled the 2.6.7 kernel for my new baby. This way I have better ALSA support and the like. It’s amazing how much more you know about your computer when you actually configure everything yourself. Although, now my other machine is having issues of its own…

For some reason I came home tonight to find my PC with both its drive lights on and no display. I restarted the machine and it resumed this state. I have no idea what it could be — perhaps some sort of power supply problem. Nonetheless, it’s really irritating.

In other news, at work I’ve started developing an application in Python that keeps track of employees’ metrics. I’m developing it using the wxPython library and the Python ODBC library to access an MS Access database. So far it’s just a suite of database functions and some crude UI, but hopefully development will speed up.

Anyway, until next time… peace.