Inspiration Inside a Tibetan Monastery

Today I visited the Tibetan monastery downtown for their meditation and prayer session. It was a very enlightening and uplifting experience. I felt things inside me I have never felt — or perhaps it was that I stumbled upon parts of my being I never knew were there. No one can deny the mystical energy that flows through our inner selves — and no one can explain it. We look for answers to questions regarding a higher order and create those answers based on what these energies tell us — but the explanations are arbitrary. It is the undeniable fact that we are a part of an immense system of emotion that causes prophecy, spirituality, and theocracy. The names, places, dates, etc, are there to allow those who have not directly felt — or directly known such energy to be able to conceptualize it.

All belief systems, including religion, myth, science, and philosophy, stem from the desire to explain the inexplicable energy that comprises the universe. However, by accepting the undeniable bonds that we observe, we are able to harness those energies.