Welcome to the Fourth Reich

Evidence of America Becoming A Police State

The following is a list of measures taken recently by the American government projected to protect American interests. However, these measures bear striking resemblance to measures taken by past tyrannical regimes. I have included their potential purpose in what could be a grave threat to our democracy.

  1. The New Freedom Commission
    Projection: To improve the mental health of our citizens
    Purpose: To reduce citizen awareness through mass use of
    prescription drugs (see Aldous Huxley, Brave New World)
    Historical Equivalents:
    Projection: To protect the American people from eminent threats through increased intelligence
    Purpose: To deny chief rights to citizens to maintain order at the cost of liberty
    Historical Equivalents: Reichstag Fire Decree in Nazi Germany
  3. The War on Terror
    Projection: To protect the American people from another dastardly attack by taking preventative military action
    Purpose: A justification for global cultural imperialism and ultimately world rule
    Historical Equivalents: Salem Witch Trials (metaphorical)
  4. National Security Service
    Projection: An elite spy agency that will combat domestic terrorism by centralizing domestic security.
    Purpose: To create what will become a fascist police force akin to the Thought Police (see George Orwell, 1984)
    Historical Equivalents: Gestapo in Nazi Germany
  5. Tax Cuts (EGTRRA, JCWA, JGTRRA)
    Projection: By cutting taxes on higher-class American citizens, the economy will flourish due to increased spending.
    Purpose: To weaken the lower class’s economic power in a world where capital provides political power, thereby undermining the political power of the proletariat.

Stay tuned for further development of this thesis.