I want to help you build scalable, maintainable React applications

React & Redux are my go-to tools for building high performance, engaging user interfaces for the web. React makes building complex user interfaces easy and scalable by making code reusable and consistent.

I've consulted with companies like PS Dept and Hype Social, delivering them high quality, maintainable user interface code that scales as they grow.

Why use React?

The best part about React is that, unlike other frameworks like Angular, it can be used to deliver a single feature in a larger application with ease. I've helped teams produce rich interactive features atop their existing applications with little to no re-tooling of their existing code.

Articles I've written about React development

About Me


I'm Teejay VanSlyke. I help businesses design & build profitable custom web applications. I have two years of experience building complex applications using React and ES6. I'd love to help you see if React is a good fit for your project.

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