Faux Charcoal Origins

Faux Charcoal Origins
  • Are All Goats Afraid of the Moon?
  • As Everything Burns, I Remain
  • Beware the Asteroids Sent By the Sun
  • Captain Tongue Here
  • Does This Make Me Look Good?
  • Don't Make Me Come Over There
  • Face Study
  • Heads of State
  • Heathens Will Destroy Us
  • How To Raise A Child In A Modern World
  • I Have Horns
  • I'm Not Listening
  • I'm Not Ready to Fight
  • It's Going to Be Alright
  • It's Not Going to Be Alright
  • It's Warm In Here
  • Kim Jong Pastel
  • Life Is A Cruel Game
  • Mike Brant
  • My Grandpa And Me
  • My Third Eye Is Illuminated
  • Oh Look At Him, The Ace of Hearts
  • Put Up Your Arms For Science
  • Quit Catting Around
  • RAGE
  • Self Portrait
  • She Won't Let Down
  • Sing Me A Song About Love
  • Smile, You're In Space!
  • Stop! This Land Was Made For Nobody!
  • Tada, I'm A Magician
  • The Devil Found My Burlap Sack
  • The Red Bear Will Illuminate You
  • There's No Time For Clowning Around
  • There's No Time For Crabs
  • This Love Unrequited
  • Together We Will Love
  • We Really Ought To Cut Down That Tree
  • Which of Us is Cuter?
  • Your Grandpa The Ape

I had just moved back to Portland after being in Eugene and splitting with my girlfriend.

Seeking some sort of therapy in anything I could find, I decided to start getting more serious about drawing every day. A year prior, I'd bought an Apple Pencil and started scribbling with Procreate, but never bothered to hone the skill.

These drawings are the product of many rainy evenings spent in the cozy confines of Townshend's Teahouse on Division Street here in Portland, Kombucha in one hand and pencil in another.