Don't go into debt. Track every penny earned and every penny spent. Spend money on healthful food. Use money to buy more free time to spend doing what you love. Integrity is always more valuable than money. Be unconditionally generous. Don't give to charities because you think you should. Making your own living, paying your own taxes, and tending your own house does more to save the world than you realize.

Own your data. Respect your own privacy. Practice the art of silent refusal. Leave your mobile phone at home for the day. Delete your social media accounts. Use free software when possible.

Learn how to cook from staples. Eat mostly plants, for your health and for that of the planet. Try one new recipe each week to learn a new technique. Have a friend over for dinner.

Make something every day. Be kind but don't compromise your values. Ask for forgiveness, not for permission. Charge what you're worth. Be generous with your time.

A few deep friendships are better than a hundred shallow ones. Tell someone you love them today, and feel it as you say it. Practice gratitude every day.

If you're gonna own a car, make it the smallest you can buy. Ride your bicycle. Be thankful for your body, whatever its shape. Don't count your steps or calories. Do lead an active life.

Don't read the news. Do read books about current events. Read and own paper books. No one is really that smart. Not even you. Don't get lost in theory when the real world is outside waiting.