Turbocharge your engineering team

Have an in-house web development team but afraid you won't be able to deliver your next project on time?

For the past two years, I've helped Emerge Interactive delight their clients with web engineering work that is scalable, maintainable, and extensible.

Agencies like Emerge find it easy to drop me into a project and watch me immediately start delivering value to their clients. My remote-first emphasis and excellent written communication, combined with my dedication to engineering craft, make me an indispensable part of your digital agency toolbelt.

Just look at what Aleta Melton, a project manager at Emerge, has to say about working with me:

I don't want to recommend Teejay and then not be able to use his services because he is in such demand. Teejay is like a good brunch place: You just want to keep it to yourself.

He really breaks the stereotype of the freelance developer. He's organized, communicates very well and is really funny. He adds a lot of value to a project by understanding what it is that's being built. He doesn't just churn out the work. He asks why and then will recommend a better solution.

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