Case Study: Do Your Part, Cincinnati!

Do Your Part, Cincinnati! is an online animated game to help residents of Cincinnati understand who is responsible for a sewer backup. I led the implementation of the game for the web, taking design assets from Epipheo and producing an HTML5-powered interactive, animated game experience.

Do Your Part, Cincinnati!

When Epipheo approached me to help build the Do Your Part, Cincinnati! game experience, "modern" JavaScript was in its infancy. BackboneJS had yet to give way to React and Vue. We were still fighting over which package manager was the best (and, some would argue, we still are). At the time, it was novel to build a game for the web in anything but Flash.

I opted to use CSS3 sprite animations for all the character animations, which were performant and smooth compared to any JavaScript-based options at the time.

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I love building interactive games for the web. And with newer web technologies like React, it's becoming easier than ever to build rich, engaging interactive visual experiences for the browser.