Case Study: Chatlio

Chatlio is an embeddable platform for chatting with website visitors directly from Slack. I led and implemented a series of design and branding changes to make their product stand out against their competitors.


About Chatlio

Chatlio is the premier embeddable chat platform to offer comprehensive integration with Slack. This unique integration makes their product a favorite among companies who have adopted Slack as their foundational communications platform.

Having been born out of a real need for a Slack-integrated chat solution, Chatlio's visual design was a bit of an afterthought. When it achieved commcercial success, CEO John Eberly wanted to ensure Chatlio's continued success in a growing market of embedded chat solutions by applying a novel visual redesign.

How I helped

When they approached me to integrate a new design into their existing ReactJS-based codebase, I wanted to ensure a smooth transition for both Chatlio users as well as the engineering team. I led the implementation of CSS that implemented the new design with minimal markup changes, ensuring existing users who customized their site's widget styles would suffer minimal pain.

I always leave a codebase in a better place than when I found it. That's why I took the liberty to extract new React components where applicable, scope CSS classes using the BEM convention, and applied additional refactoring as needed.

What they say

Teejay did an amazing job of exceeding our expectations.

I was able to engage with him immediately. And he made a a big impact, fast.

We improved our product experience quickly without many changes to our backend code.

It was well worth the investment we made and we received great feedback from our paying customers on the improvements.

We will definitely hire him again when the need arises!

— John Eberly, Chatlio