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You're about to embark upon your first custom software build, but you're terrified at the breadth of terminology and wary of consultants nickel-and-diming you. Or maybe you've engaged a software consultant before and are jaded from the experience, hoping that maybe your next experience won't leave you feeling burned, helpless, and penniless.

You know full well a custom software solution—a web application, a mobile application, or an internal enterprise tool—could really boost your productivity and increase revenue. You've done the numbers. You've read your customer feedback. But you're still anxious and confused by the process.

You probably know that, had your failed software project succeeded, it would have resulted in:

  • More customers
  • More revenue
  • Less tedious work
  • Less overhead

You know all of that, but still don't act. You're paralyzed by missed deadlines, overrun budgets, runaway consultants, and changing requirements.

What if there were a way—a framework—for succeeding in software projects every time? What if before you begin your next project, you knew:

  • Your consultant has your best interest in mind
  • You're going to walk away with software that adds value to your business
  • You will be in control of your project's destiny

My free book Why Software Projects Fail offers that framework. In this companion to your hiring and discovery process, you'll learn how to inform your next decisions and to empower yourself along the way.

In the book, you'll learn:

  • How to find and hire a trustworthy consultant
  • Why it's critical you pay for a software discovery
  • How to assess your consultant's bid
  • What to expect—and be wary of—during the development process
  • How to take control of your project

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