3125 SE Division St #402
Portland, OR 97202
+1 (503) 501-6916

Dear Few & co:

Hope you're all weathering the current storm alright! For over a decade, I've prided myself on my unremitting curiosity to learn new languages, frameworks, and tools to make shipping software more fun and productive. What you say about the culture of openness and egolessness at Few gives me the impression we might be a good fit to work together.

My most recent project was building a React Native dating app. Although I was a seasoned React "veteran", having built several large-scale production React applications over the past six years, I had never had the opportunity to apply that knowledge to building a pixel-perfect native application. I was delighted at how enjoyable it was to build a native app from scratch, and I'd love to apply what I learned to help the team at Few.

While I do possess excellent "hard" skills, I pride myself on being a force for improving team technical communication in a remote setting. If we work together, you can expect me to bring these practices with me into your projects:

  1. Breaking every task down into its smallest parts to better convey to the team what's done and what's left.
  2. Leaving a trail of breadcrumbs between the task and the code, for easy referral months down the line.
  3. Maintaining a policy of peer review for every line of committed code in order to ensure team buy-in.
  4. Writing tests, where applicable, that serve as documentation to team members of not only what I did, but why I did it.

I'd love to convene with you for a brief 15-minute video meeting to see if we might be a good fit for one another, now or in the future.

To read more about me and how I work, visit my website at http://teejayvanslyke.com.