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Project discovery sessions
tailored to fit your project's needs.

Software estimates are hard to get right. How can you have the confidence that you're not getting overpriced if you don't have a baseline? After a TeejayVanSlyke Discovery, you'll have the knowledge necessary to make the best choice for your new project.

Understanding the complexity and cost of implementing your idea is difficult. The cost of engaging with a firm for months only to find out you built the wrong thing is astronomical compared to the cost of hiring an expert for a few days to give you their unbiased analysis.

Your customized project battle plan.

The biggest deterrent to a software project finishing within budget is poor communication of scope. At the end of your Discovery, you'll walk away with a detailed plan for your project, ready to hand to the development firm of your choosing.

Your customized Discovery plan will include the following:

About Me

I'm Teejay VanSlyke. For a decade, I've worked with web design & engineering clients in freelance, consultancy, & product company roles.

When I was six years old, my grandfather taught me how to program my parents' computer. Ever since, I've held a passion for software and its ability to change our world.

I founded TeejayVanSlyke because I wanted to redefine the way I build software. Most freelancers operate transactionally, taking whatever work comes their way, and moving onto the next thing. With TeejayVanSlyke, I want to assure you that our relationship is more important to me than fees.

After seeing the dire consequences of poor project scoping from both sides of a software project, I've learned that it's critical to hold discovery sessions for new projects to help entrepreneurs and project managers understand the technical ramifications of their business aspirations. That's why I'm excited to offer to you a comprehensive Discovery package to help you better understand your project's technical needs.

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