Freelance web developers can be frustrating!

How many times have you hired a freelance web developer to help you build a new application and become frustrated with the lack of progress?

You hand them a design spec, only to find out they're mostly a backend developer and don't know how to implement a user interface. So you start looking for a UI developer and are right back where you started.

Weeks go by and you don't see tangible progress. You hear that things are moving along, but you just want the peace of mind of actually using your new application. Instead, you've just got a whole bunch of documents and promises.

And when you finally do see the application you spent thousands of dollars to build... it doesn't do what you want it to. You feel like you've been had.

It doesn't have to be that way

Hi, I'm Teejay. I'm a seasoned, experienced full-stack web developer, but that's not why you want to hire me. You want to hire me because I can apply my web development skills to help grow your business.

Teejay VanSlyke

In my twelve year career, I've helped over two dozen of my valued clients build working, scalable web applications that reach and inspire their customers and users. My clients love me because I speak the language of everyone involved. Whether it's your data, your user experience, your business's bottom line, or your favorite color scheme, I can help you or find the person who can.

I love learning new technologies, but because I want to build an asset for your business I only use the tools I know have proven track records of success and adoption.

I'll help you achieve consistent outcomes

If we work together, you can count on a few things.

First, you're going to have consistent results. I'm going to start delivering you value from day one, to the point where if you decide you don't like me you'll rest assured you didn't waste your time.

Second, you'll be in control. You're in charge of what's most important to your business. I'll give you my unique perspective having seen numerous web-based projects in my career and help you avoid pitfalls that plague tech projects. I'll even help you learn how to manage a software project so you're always aware of what's been done, what's coming, and what you're better off not doing.

And third, we're going to achieve business outcomes—not deliverables. I'm not afraid to tell you when I think the thing you're building might not work out as you hope. Life's to short to be a yes-man, and I go into all my client engagements with your interest in mind.

Don't take my word for it

Here's what some of my clients have to say about my work:

Initially, we found Teejay's weekly pricing model a little odd. It was hard to explain to my bosses but once in action, it actually turned out to be a huge blessing. Especially when we were forecasting budgets for the end of the year reporting.

Teejay works very efficiently so we needed to organize the work in a much better way. He's very reliable and the quality of his work speaks for itself.

I don't want to recommend Teejay and then not be able to use his services because he is in such demand. Teejay is like a good brunch place: You just want to keep it to yourself.

He really breaks the stereotype of the freelance developer. He's organized, communicates very well and is really funny. He adds a lot of value to a project by understanding what it is that's being built. He doesn't just churn out the work. He asks why and then will recommend a better solution.

— Aleta Melton, Emerge Interactive

There is nothing that would stop me from working with Teejay again. In fact, working with him has ruined me for working with other less capable developers.

He’s an amazing talent and a force to be reckoned with.

— E.J. Coughlin, Hype Social (Read case study)

Working with an outsourced development team has had some surprising upsides: among them the speed with which we were able to build our initial MVP, but when problems have gotten abstract or needed truly expert-level resources, things have broken down.

Some problems that had been difficult to not only solve but even define with other consultants were defined and solved quickly with Teejay after a brief conversation.

He helped us move our product from something we could launch and live with to something of which we could be proud, and he didn't want to commit to work until he knew he could do it to a high level of satisfaction, and it helped us internally to frame these vague problems in terms of achievable milestones.

Finding full stack experts who can dive into the project and begin to immediately deliver results for problems that are not fully known at the beginning has been a challenge, and Teejay certainly delivered.

— Bryan Woods, Rhino Labs (Read case study)

Teejay did an amazing job of exceeding our expectations.

I was able to engage with him immediately. And he made a a big impact, fast.

We improved our product experience quickly without many changes to our backend code.

It was well worth the investment we made and we received great feedback from our paying customers on the improvements.

We will definitely hire him again when the need arises!

— John Eberly, Chatlio (Read case study)

We decided to pursue working with Teejay because of a recommendation from another designer in our studio.

I’ve loved the quick turnaround times on small—and not-so-small—adjustments to our prototype, and have been thrilled to see them pushed so quickly for review.

He's consistently been patient with us as we’ve navigated our client's feedback and then attempted to communicate it to him.

I found him easy to work with, and he worked hard to make sure we have a sense of what might be best for the project.

— Stephen McClure, Epipheo

He delivered exactly what I wanted, a working MVP, quite quickly. And when I asked him to do something, he often showed me a better way of solving the problem.

He was able to show me a working prototype within days. This blew me away. And then every few days he sends another update! Chill, yet fully professional at the same time, Teejay's communication skills are exceptional.

— Sasha Gilberg, Untouched

Why I'm different from other developers

I'll strive to be your partner

It's important to me that you always feel like I have your best interest in mind. Many freelance developers are transactional and are interested mainly in their bottom line. I'm interested in your success, not only because I want you to succeed, but also because your success now means a greater chance we'll work together into the future.

I'm a generalist

Most developers specialize in one area of web development, whether that be building user interfaces, designing pages, creating API's, or managing databases.

On the other hand, I pride myself at being proficient at everything required to get your project off the ground. You might want to hire domain experts once you've exhausted my knowledge of a specific problem, but I've spent my career specializing in being a generalist.

I don't bill you by the hour

I learned long ago that billing by the hour creates broken incentives for everyone. Your developer is incentivized to drag things on because they know they'll be paid more. And as the stakeholder, you're incentivized to scrutinize every minute your developer spends because it's costing you.

Because of this, I'll bill you weekly. Each week, I'll deliver you working software for a fixed fee. You'll know exactly what this fee bought you not in terms of time spent, but in terms of value delivered. Your invoice will tell you exactly what your money bought you.

Your results are guaranteed

Because I believe so strongly in my mission to help you succeed, I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If at the end of our first 30 days working together you're not completely satisfied with my work, it's on me, no questions asked. I want you to feel confident that I have your best interest in mind.

Sound good? Get in touch!

I'm currently accepting new clients and would love to hear about your project! Jot down your name, email, and a bit about your project for me and I'll get back to you.