Believe the Hype

When my friend E.J. Coughlin approached me in 2013 to help him build Hype Social, his Twitter and Instagram growth platform, I had no idea the scope of his dreams. Four years and four custom applications later, Hype Social is helping dozens of influencers grow their Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Social at Scale

One of the most difficult problems I solved for Hype Social was giving them the ability to capture and analyze social analytics at scale. Using the lightning-fast Go programming language, I was able to effectively manage the data for hundreds of accounts simultaneously.

But data is useless without the right views into it. So I built a full suite of analytics tools to help E.J. and his customers get insights into their growth progress.

Don't take my word for it

E.J. Coughlin

"Teejay can solve any problem with code. He is personable, smart and fast. Over the course of seven years I have watched him build half a dozen startups by himself.

Beyond being a great developer with a great personality, he truly wants to build the best product possible and is always pushing the envelope for design and experience. Making products that are beautiful, elegant and functional is what he does best.

There is nothing that would stop me from working with Teejay again. In fact, working with him has ruined me for working with other less capable developers.

He’s an amazing talent and a force to be reckoned with."

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