How Long Could You Live on $1,000?

When I save money, it helps me to convert the dollar amount into a measure of time. How long could I live comfortably with this money? Money is meaningless if not for its eventual realization into something tangible. Saving for tomorrow feels intangible »

Ask Why

Have you noticed how we’re really good at asking how? “How can we get more customers?” “How can I lose ten pounds?” “How will I be able to afford my vacation next month?” Asking how is easy. Nowadays you almost needn’t think about the answer to »

You Have to Do This to Get Control of Your Money

In the days before you get your next paycheck, do you find yourself wondering where all your money went? Are you making a higher-than-median salary but can’t seem to get ahead? I want to share with you the secret to gaining control of your money. It »

Building a Creative Chronology

I’ve been making art since I was a kid. My earliest artistic memory is creating a series of puppets made from paper bags. The puppeteer would put their hand inside the bag and pretend the flap of the bottom of the bag was the character’s mouth. I’d dress »

So You're Really Good At Hammers

If you’re about to hire a contractor to remodel your kitchen, you won’t ask them if they’re really good at hammering nails. And if you hire a personal trainer, you’re not going to be too interested in if they use the latest and greatest weight machines »

Write Ten Ideas Each Day

Last night I stumbled upon James Altucher’s blog. From there, I purchased his book Choose Yourself for just $0.99. I’m not sure I’ve ever been so fired up after reading a self-help book. This guy speaks in a manner which is straight and to the point »