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essay / 2016

“Alcohol: Misconceptions & Brainwashing in America”

Why alcohol isn't a social lubricant, doesn't make us confident, and why we actually don't like the taste.

essay / 2016

“Why I Stopped Drinking Alcohol”

art / 2015

“I Don't Want To Grow Up”

I've been thinking a lot about aging, maturity, responsibility, commitment, and their implications in my life as I get older.

art / 2015

“No Good”

I've been reading a lot about shame and its deep connection to addiction. This piece is a response to years of battling my own addictions, and a tribute to others facing their own.

art / 2015

“Our Hearts”

Sometimes doodles are the best therapy. Imagine drawing these three pen-and-ink sketches in a crowded coffee shop, smiling singing The Magnetic Fields to yourself.

art / 2015

“She's A Cardboard Cutout. She'll Do.”

Singlehood in my 30's has left me wondering whether I'm meant to cohabitate at all. Maybe a propped up carboard cutout will suffice.

art / 2015

“Butterflies In The Bosom Of Love”

I've always had a soft spot for the concept of "butterflies in the stomach." This print was birthed in the idea that in love, those butterflies meet one another in the bosom of an old tree that forms the hearth of a relationship.

essay / 2014

“What's your Bucket Tale?”

Writing lulled my worry of death. Maybe it can lull yours, too.

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